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God  brought the Church into existence so it would be a means of bringing glory to His name.  Therefore, the primary functions are to worship God “in spirit and in truth”; to proclaim God’s message of salvation to believers and unbelievers; to train Christians for daily living and to minister to the spiritual needs of mankind.  These functions must be carried out in order for growth in the body of Christ. 

The Church’s purpose is threefold:

Outward: Evangelism

Inward:   Edification of believers

Upward:  Worship


It is with this purpose in mind that the Mt. Zion United Church of God, Inc. operates under this Evangelistic Mission Statement:

We have a holy resolve to extend the boundaries of our church and cause INCREASE in the body of Christ.

We understand our Mission:   We must preach and teach The Gospel to every Creature. With the Strength Courage and Determination Of the Eagle, we will not limit the
scope of Ministry to those already won to the Kingdom.

Instead, we will go outside the walls of our
church and dare to go beyond our personal comfort zones.

Today, we accept God’s holy mandate to “GO!”
Go into the highways and hedges and compel men and women to come.

We will not only reach out to the “lost, but also the hurting, the oppressed, and the captive.

We are “CALLED AND ANOINTED” to make a difference…And with God’s grace, WE WILL!

For, we are “Striving for EXCELLENCE in Ministry”